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Our best-selling and award-winning OI family acts as both a daily routine and styling agent.
  • Best Seller

    OI Shampoo

    Roucou oil-rich shampoo for soft and voluminous hair
    Regular price From RM108.00
    Regular price Sale price From RM108.00
  • Best Seller

    OI Hair Butter

    Antioxidant and nourishing extra beauty hair butter
    Regular price RM148.00
    Regular price Sale price RM148.00
  • OI Body Scrub

    Moisturizing shower gel that gently cleanses and hydrates the skin
    Regular price RM138.00
    Regular price Sale price RM138.00
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  • Best Seller

    OI Oil

    Multifunctional hair oil designed to fight frizz and boost shine
    Regular price RM155.00
    Regular price Sale price RM155.00
  • Best Seller

    OI All In One Milk

    Leave-in multi-function spray treatment
    Regular price RM125.00
    Regular price Sale price RM125.00
  • Best Seller

    OI Conditioner

    Roucou oil-rich conditioner with antioxidant action for soft and voluminous hair
    Regular price From RM128.00
    Regular price Sale price From RM128.00
  • Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid

    Bodifying fortifying fluid
    Regular price RM145.00
    Regular price Sale price RM145.00
    Sold out
  • OI Bundle

    Bundle shine and softness
    Regular price From RM256.70
    Regular price RM302.00 Sale price From RM256.70
  • OI Box with Hair Butter

    Regular price RM322.00
    Regular price Sale price RM322.00