The Century Of Light

The Century of Light is Davines’ new premium bleaching system, formulated to respect and protect hair during any lightening technique.

The Century of Light is versatile and extremely easy to use and offers colorists partial or total lightening services, freehand techniques and on-scalp applications.

For clients concerned about potential damage from lightening service, The Century of Light is an exciting choice: the formula uses a range of rich ingredients and a unique Hair Protective Booster to ensure your hair is freshly lightened and healthy.

Principles of the formula

Davines’ laboratories have researched treatments that strengthen and protect keratin bonds, creating products with a strong reinforcing action.

Hair Protective Booster

Davines’ Research and Development Laboratories have created an exclusive Hair Protective Booster, combining the strengthening power of maleic acid with the strong antioxidant power of lipoic acid.

 This has an extraordinary effect on the hair, as it protects it from oxidative damage that can weaken or lead to breakage during bleaching or lightening services.

With it, the hair will be elastic, compact and extremely soft.

A gentler lightening service

The formulas for Progress and Liberty are enriched with this exclusive Hair Protective Booster.

Tolerance is dermatologically tested to support its gentleness on the scalp, thanks to the presence of oils contained in the formulation.

The Century Of Light





Some suggested technical services for stylists


- FREE LIGHT: Liberty allows for a freehand lightening technique to draw natural contrasts of light and shadow on the full length of the hair. This can let you achieve a range of looks, from naturally sun-kissed to bold and progressive.

- EVEN LIGHT: Tolerance lets you bring a delicate touch of light through the hair. This is ideal for blending natural hair color and previously lightened hair, lightening chromatic differences between base and lengths, or enhancing the natural luminosity of the hair


- LAYERED LIGHT: Creative use of the system lets you ceate movement and fast lightening effects on the color by layering the bleach during the processing time.

- LIBERATED BLONDE: Using Tolerance or Tolerance + Progress allows you to revive the intensity of blondes or obtain a full blonde even on the scalp.

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