Collection: Hair Lotions

Sometimes your hair and scalp need an intensive treatment. These lotions can help combat hair loss, purify, soothe or renew the skin.

  • ENERGIZING Superactive

    Serum for scalp and hair prone to falling out
    Regular price RM360.00
    Regular price Sale price RM360.00
  • ENERGIZING Thickening Tonic

    Thickening tonic for scalp and fragile, thinnng hair
    Regular price RM190.00
    Regular price Sale price RM190.00

    Leave in gel treatment with a revitalizing and fortifying action
    Regular price RM145.00
    Regular price Sale price RM145.00
  • ENERGIZING Seasonal Superactive

    Seasonal treatment for scalp and fragile, thinning hair
    Regular price RM328.00
    Regular price Sale price RM328.00
  • CALMING Superactive

    Soothing serum to prevent skin inflammation
    Regular price RM208.00
    Regular price Sale price RM208.00