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Refferal Program FAQ

  • How does the referral program work?
    The referral program allows you to share your referral code with friends. When they use the code to make their first purchase, they receive a 10% discount, and you earn 1000 points.
  • Where can I share my referral code?
    You can share your referral code through copy link, WhatsApp, email, messenger, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • How do I use the referral code?
    Simply click on the referral link shared by your friend, and the code will be automatically applied when you add a product to your cart. Please use the 10% OFF code promptly to prevent expiration.
  • What should I do if I lose my referral code?
     If you lose your referral code, please contact our live chat support for assistance in retrieving it.
  • Can I use different devices or IP addresses to make a purchase?
     To be eligible for the referral program, you must use the same device and IP address that you used when clicking the referral link.
  • When will I receive my 1000 points?
     You will receive your 1000 points after your friend makes a successful purchase using your referral code.
  • What if my friend uses a different device or location to purchase?
    For your friend to be eligible for the 10% discount, they must use their own device and location for both registration and purchase.
  • Can I combine the referral discount with other offers?
    No, if you decide to use the subscribe to email (e.g., RM15 OFF), you will not be able to use the 10% referral discount. Choose one for your purchase.
  • What happens if my friend doesn't use the referral code?
     If your friend doesn't use the referral code during their first purchase, they won't receive the 10% discount, and you won't earn the 1000 points.
  • Can I save the Subscribe to Email code for a future purchase?
    Yes, If you choose to use the 10% off from your friend first. Yo can use the subscribe welcome code for your next purchase and enjoy the discount then.