Celebrating Earth Month

Celebrating Earth Month


Let's celebrate the beauty of this planet we call home. Earth Month is an opportunity to remind us that our commitment must be constant and that our purchasing choices can make a difference. 

April is Earth Month, and International Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd. Even though our commitment to safeguarding the planet must be ongoing throughout the year, establishing these special occasions to celebrate the environment has significantly helped to spread awareness around sustainability values.


That's why at Davines we also want to celebrate and remember that the environment is protected through concrete action: for companies and citizens alike, production or purchase choices are fundamental in order to establish a regenerative economic model


How Earth Day was established: from Silent Spring onward

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The idea of celebrating Earth Day began at the beginning of the 1960’s in the United States. In 1962 Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, the first environmentalist manifesto: in this essay, the spring fields were defined as silent because the use of pesticides in agriculture had sent away insects and birds, silencing the voices of nature.

A movement developed that celebrated Earth Day on March 21st, during the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. In 1969, the activist John McConnell proposed to UNESCO that this anniversary be added into its calendar. In 1970 it was officially established that Earth Day would take place a month and a day after the equinox, on April 22nd.
From then on, the importance of Earth Day increased until it transformed this occasion into a global celebration of the planet’s beauty. This is why we celebrate!

We protect biodiversity, every day 

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It is fundamental to remember that the environment is protected daily, through concrete gestures. For example, the purchasing habits of every one of us — from companies to citizens — have a great impact.

Starting with nutrition, following a vegetarian diet, limiting consumption of red meat, and choosing foods that safeguard biodiversityare all great gestures.
When creating our formulas here at Davines, we select high quality ingredients while considering biodiversity and preferring those of natural origin, eco-certified or organic.
The Essential Haircare line is a symbol of this philosophy. Every Essential Haircare product contains an ingredient that is obtained from a Slow Food Presidia in Italy: starting with the Noto almond, found in LOVE Curl, to the Fiaschetto tomato found in the NOUNOU formula. By choosing to purchase these raw materials, we take a concrete step towards supporting small local farmers, custodians of a very important heritage of diversity and beauty. 
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